Relaunch Plan
As we begin to welcome our congregation back into our building, we have taken significant steps to keep everyone safe. We understand that people are in different places emotionally, spiritually, psychologically and cognitively. We are working diligently to inform members and regular attenders of what is available to them through the church app, website, email and physical documents.
We will be providing options for individuals to connect with the church such as; Physical Indoor, Physical Outdoor, Online-Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, Phone Conference lines (Men, Women, Youth), Band App (Youth & Young Adults). We will be instituting the following measures to ensure the safety of our congregation.
  • We will continue 6-feet social distancing while in the church building and on church property. Seating will be appropriately spaced. Consideration will be given to families living in the same household. 
  • Protective supplies will be available such as masks and hand sanitizer. Everyone entering the building must wear a mask. We encourage everyone to bring their own mask. However, we will have masks available for those without one. 
  • Before our initial entry into the building, the building will go through sanitization from a certified company. We will then, continue our routine weekly cleaning and sanitation of the building. The building will be used only once a week for Sunday Services until further notice. 
  • In the initial stage of our Sunday Services, there will be an occupancy limit. To manage and control the number of people in the building, we will be using Eventbrite. Members and guests must Register at Eventbrite (click here to register) every Thursday – Friday if they would like to sit in the sanctuary for Sunday Service. Consideration will be given for those who miss the cut off, arrive later than the 15-minute grace period for arrival, and those who are guests who did not have access to the registration process. 
  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the 10 a.m. service starts to allow time for the registration process. Also keep in mind that service will run for about 1 hour. 
  • A designated sick room will be onsite near the sanctuary for someone who has become ill during service. Cleaning will take place immediately in the affected area in the sanctuary where the sick person sat. Also, the room that accommodated the sick person will be sanitized after the person exits the building. 
  • Leadership and Prayer leaders will be sensitive to mandates and the congregation’s emotional and psychological state. Requests for prayer will be handled in a safe and comfortable manner. 
  • There will be no use of the teen, nursery, or children’s church rooms. All children must be in the sanctuary with their family. 
  • Hand sanitizer will be strategically placed throughout the building.  

We are excited to open the church doors and welcome you back. With that same excitement, we are working diligently to ensure your safety during these trying times.